Miro Peto

Dodano: 26.8.2016

In the world of tatra mountains and alpine walls

The most beautiful and challenging routes climbed by Miro Peto in the Tatras, Alps and Dolomites. His presentation shows his most important climbing achievements interlinked with his world view and life philosophy. Tatra Mountains have always been very important for Miro and strongly shaped his lifestyle.
He will show the beginnings of his rock climbing and hardest Tatra climbs accomplished recently with his brother Rasto Peto and the most beautiful routes climbed with his friends in the Alps and Dolomites.

Miroslav Peto - climber and extreme skier from Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovak Republic. His live was always associated with mountains, which has later become an important part of his life. In 2008-2014 he was a member of the Slovak national climbing team. As a climber and extreme skier he has been active in the Tatras, the Alps, Scandinavia, Iran, the Himalayas and the Caucasus. For his mountain achievements he has received many awards. In August 2014 he finished PhD studies at the Faculty of Management and Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences in Zilina. In 2016, he completed the course of Mountain Guides UIAGM.