Dodano: 17.7.2017

Meeting with the participants of the K2 expedition

Following the summer expedtion to K2 we will meet with the participants - they will talk about the last attempt and the plans to conquer K2 in winter 2017/2018. You can contribute the expedition:
In July a group of Polish mountaineers led by Jerzy Natkański particpated in summer preliminary K2 expedition. The aim was to reach the summit of the second highest mountain in the world (8611 m high) and, at the same time, to carefully prepare for the winter K2 expedition - for example, to find the best route. The Poles were climbing southeast spur called also the “Cesen route”. 

The expedition was organised as a part of the Polish Wintertime Himalayan Climbing programme named after Artur Hajzer which was realised by the Polish Mountaineering Association in association with, among others, LOTTO and Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

In Zakopane we will meet with the participants of the summer and (soon) also winter expedition. They are: Jerzy Natkański, Janusz Majer, Janusz Gołąb, Dariusz Załuski, Krzysztof Wielicki, Artur Małek, Kacper Tekieli, Piotr Tomala, Rafał Fronia and Krzysztof Wranicz. They will speak about the expedition and about the first winter ascent of the last and the most difficult eight-thousander - its summit has never been reached during winter.

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