Dodano: 16.7.2017

Marek Kamiński

He is a traveler, polar explorer and entrepreneur. The first and the only man in the world who has reached the North and the South Pole in one year.
He participated in expeditions to Antarctica, Greenland, he traveled through the Atlantic Ocean twice, passed the Gibson Desert, and in 2004 he reached both poles accompanied by a disabled boy - Jaś Mela. Currently, together with Marek Kamiński Foundation, he is improving The Pole Method (Metoda Biegun), a self-development method which teaches how to achieve goals. He implemented this program during the expedition to Santiago de Compostela in 2015. He is a highly appreciated speaker and lecturer, listed in the top three as a management expert in the research "Who the business listens to" conducted by Think Thank in cooperation with Google and the Institute for Media Monitoring.

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