Dodano: 15.7.2017

Leo Houlding - The Mirror Wall - Reflections

Leo Houlding has been a professional climber and adventurer. Twenty years of extreme adventure have taken him from Top Gear to the top of Everest.
He is well known for free climbing big walls and his movies including "The Asgard Project", "The Wildest Dream", and "The Last Great Climb". During the meeting Leo will introduce two contrasting expeditions - A Discovery TV show he hosted in the jungles of Borneo and a first ascent of a massive 1200m wall in Arctic Greenland, his first major expedition since the birth of his first child and the death of his great climbing partner Sean 'Stanley' Leary. Leo will reflect on the conflict between a life of extreme adventure, the responsibilities and homely joys of fatherhood juxtaposed against undying drive for the next great quest through the narrative of his aptly named Mirror Wall expedition. Something that without doubt will resonate with many of us. More at:

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