Marcin Dzieński

Sport Climber, the first Polish Sport Climbing World Champion in 2016, European Champion 2017, Polish record holder, Polish Champion.


Meeting with the participants of the K2 expedition

Following the summer expedtion to K2 we will meet with the participants - they will talk about the last attempt and the plans to conquer K2 in winter 2017/2018. You can contribute the expedition:


Andrzej Bargiel

Andrzej Bargiel set out to achieve the impossible... As he admitted himself, it is the hardest of the hitherto expeditions. The reason is that the goal is the most ambitious, dangerous, and the most difficult. It is the second highest mountain in the world - K2 (8611 m).


Marek Kamiński

He is a traveler, polar explorer and entrepreneur. The first and the only man in the world who has reached the North and the South Pole in one year.


Ewa Wachowicz, Klaudia Cierniak-Kożuch

Ewa Wachowicz, Miss Polonia, a producer and an author of culinary programs and books, who is also a jury of "Top Chef", climbed the highest volcano in the world with her friend, a laryngologist Klaudia Cierniak-Kożuch. She has already climbed 6 volcanoes as part of the Volcanic Seven Summits.


Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner is a professional mountaineer out of passion. She lives in Upper Austria and whenever she finds time she is rock climbing, mountaineering in the Alps, or on expedition.


Leo Houlding - The Mirror Wall - Reflections

Leo Houlding has been a professional climber and adventurer. Twenty years of extreme adventure have taken him from Top Gear to the top of Everest.


Krzysztof Starnawski

He is a rescuer of Tatra Mountains Rescue Team (TOPR), one of the world's best cave divers, and an explorer. In 2011 he set the world record for closed-circuit diving, reaching a depth of 283 m in the Gulf of Aqaba (Egypt).


Tomek Nodzyński - Where were those snow days...

For a long time snow and its properties has been of interest not only to the scientists but also to the practitioners - mountain people who were trying to understand and to harness the white element.


Slovak himalayan adventure - Peter Hamor, Michal Sabovcik

In May 2017, Peter (52) scaled Mt. Dhaulagiri and became the first Slovakian who got to the top of all the 14 eight-thousanders.


Kacper Tekieli

He is a rock climbing instructor and the Master of Philosophy. He has climbed over 200 routes in the Tatras, almost half of which in winter and about 50 solo.


Marek Holecek

A Czech climber and an alpinist known for setting new alpine style climbing routes in the highest mountains. Many times he was awarded by the Czech Mountaineering Association for his achievements.


Kinga Ociepka-Grzegulska

Kinga has been climbing for 21 years. She is a mother of two children (5 years old Olek and 2 years old Karolina) and works full-time in a pharmaceutical company.


Anna Figura

She is the World and European Champion in alpine skiing, multiple World Cup and Polish Championships medalist.


Szymon Styrczula Maśniak

One of the best Polish freeride skiers, born in 1984. When he found out he was suffering from cancer, he came to the Rak'n'Roll Foundation.

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