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14th Mountain Film Meetings International Mountain Film Competition Regulations

The 14th edition of the Mountain Film Meetings takes places on August 30th – September 2nd, 2018 in Zakopane, Poland. Submit your film by 31 May 2018.

The 14th edition of the Mountain Film Meetings takes places on August 30th – September 2nd, 2018 in Zakopane, Poland. The festival is organized by a non-profit registered Association Mountain Film Meetings (MFM), member of The International Alliance for Mountain Film.


Films released after January 1st 2016 are eligible.
Entries may include feature films, documentaries, cartoons, educational or experimental films, that are thematically linked to the mountains. The films may portray various mountaineering activities (e.g. climbing or skiing), promote environmental aspects, report on social and political issues, traditions and culture, human rights and other.


Films are admitted to the competition by the selection committee composed of the festival’s representatives, according to the formal and thematic criteria indicated in §2 above.
Films not admitted to the competition can be screened in the non-competitive section.
Selected films can be screened twice during the 14th Mountain Film Meetings.
Awarded films can be screened for the third time following the awarding ceremony.


The films admitted to the competition are judged by a Jury composed of representatives of the film industry as well as mountain and artistic communities. The Jury awards six prizes listed below.
Youth Jury awards one prize in the competition section.
The proceedings are documented.
Information about Jury members at 14th Mountain Film Meetings will be published on the website and in the festival catalogue.


The films admitted to the competition are judged by a Jury that may award:

Great Wooden Mountain (Grand Prix)
for the best film of the festival.
The prize is composed of the statuette “Great Wooden Mountain” and 4000 PLN

The Prize for the Best Polish Film
The prize is composed of the statuette “Wooden Mountain” and financial prize.

Tatra National Park Director’s Prize
for the film, which pictures in the best way deep and an inseparable relationship of a human being with nature. The prize is composed of the statuette “Wooden Mountain” and 2000 PLN

The Prize of the Mayor of Zakopane
for the best film which portrays the most important human, cultural or artistic aspects of mountain population. The prize is composed of the statuette “Wooden mountain” and 2000 PLN

Polish Mountaineering Association Prize
for the best film portraying human being in extreme conditions.
The prize is composed of the statuette “Wooden Mountain” and 2000 PLN

Special Mountain Film Meetings Prize
special award for a particularly impressing film.  

Financial awards are subject to Polish tax law. Statuettes are carved by Polish artist Marcin Rząsa.

The following prizes are also awarded during 14th Mountain Film Meetings:

Youth Jury Prize prepared by Youth Jury from Antoni Kenar’s Art School in Zakopane.

Audience Prize composed of the statuette “Wooden Mountain” and a prize awarded by the audience of 14th Mountain Film Meetings following the voting for the best film.

The Organizer reserves the right to modify the categories and prizes.

Awarding ceremony

The winners are officially announced during the awarding ceremony of 14th Mountain Film Meetings. The organizer reserves the right not to award all the prizes.
Receiving the prize for the best Polish film does not exclude this film from the possibility of receiving the price in the international competition.


The deadline for reception of all the entries is May 31st, 2018.
Please submit your entries to by sending:
1) Link to the film through Dropbox, FTP or other
2) Entry form (fully completed)
3) Link to the trailer
4) Dialogue list with the time-codes
(if available, please provide the film directly with Polish subtitles in TMP, SRT or SUB format).

The outcome of the film selection will be communicated by emails and published on the website by July 31st, 2018 at the latest.

Films selected for the international mountain film competition and non-competitive section
are requested in the following format: HD, MP4, file H264, 1920x1080.
If available, a version with and without imprinted English subtitles.
 Along with the film, please send the stills for the publication in the festival catalogue.

Online submission is preferred. If you cannot send the entry online please send it by post to the address indicated below.  The applicants cover shipment costs. The festival does not assume responsibility for any possible damages suffered by films/materials during the transport.
Spotkania z Filmem Gorskim
Makuszynskiego 15b
34-500 Zakopane


The organizer reserves the right to make use of the films’ short extracts in the Festival’s promotional materials. The film extracts (up to 2 min or up to 10% in case of the shorts) can be used to promote the festival including production of short festival’s clips, informational and educational materials and their screening.

Following the 14th Mountain Film Meetings, the festival organizes promotional screenings.
All competitors are asked to give their permission for the above screenings when signing the entry form. Following permission (please refer to the Entry Form), competitors are contacted individually about the time, place and screening conditions.  


The competitors are invited to the release of a copy of the film to the Festival’s archives.
The return of the films/materials sent by post must be requested by applicants.

Approval of the Regulations

Submission of the film to the competition denotes acceptance of the conditions of the hereby Regulations and Entry Form as well as the declaration, that the person submitting the film is entitled to do so and the submitted film does not infringe any copyrights and legal regulations.

Prepared in Zakopane, February 19th 2018

You can download here the entry form

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