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The Mirror Wall - Reflections – meeting with Leo Houlding

Leo Houlding has been a professional climber and adventurer.Twenty years of extreme adventure have taken him from Top Gear to the top of Everest.


Krzysztof Starnawski

He is a rescuer of Tatra Mountains Rescue Team (TOPR), one of the world's best cave divers, and an explorer. In 2011 he set the world record for closed-circuit diving, reaching a depth of 283 m in the Gulf of Aqaba (Egypt).


Karl Gabl

Austrian mountaineer and meteorologist who saved countless lives with his precise weather forecasts. He is a necessary consultant on every professional expedition in the climbing world.


Where were those snow days... - a few words about the history and modernity of snow-and-avalanche studies in the Tatras - meeting with Tomek Nodzyński

For a long time snow and its properties has been of interest not only to the scientists but also to the practitioners - mountain people who were trying to understand and to harness the white element.


Slovak himalayan adventure - Peter Hámor, Michał Sabovcik

In May 2017, Peter (52) scaled Mt. Dhaulagiri and became the first Slovakian who got to the top of all the 14 eight-thousanders.

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