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24 01.2017

13th Mountain Film Meetings - International Mountain Film Competition

The festival takes place August 30th - September 3rd 2017. The deadline for sending the entries is May 31st. Please find below the regulations and entry form.

04 09.2016

Results of the Interanational Mountain Film Competition

Please find below the resuts, press the button "wiecej/more".

26 08.2016

In the world of tatra mountains and alpine walls

The most beautiful and challenging routes climbed by Miro Peto in the Tatras, Alps and Dolomites. His presentation shows his most important climbing achievements interlinked with his world view and life philosophy. Tatra Mountains have always been very important for Miro and strongly shaped his lifestyle.

17 08.2016


22 films are presented in the International Mountain Film Competition. Grand Prize (1000 euros) and 6 other awards are waiting for the winners!

13 08.2016

THEATRE PLAY „Pavla above the Precipice”

Slovenian himalaism will be celebrated then by Mladinsko Theatre from Ljubljana with the theatre play “Pavla above the Precipice” inspired by the life of mountain climber Pavla Jesih, who climbed together with male co-climbers a lot of new routes at the beginning of the 20th century as one of the first female climbers.

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