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Tomasz Skrzydłowski - The guide on nature of the Polish Tatra Mountains

"The guide on nature of the Polish Tatra Mountains" - is a third, revised, and enlarged edition of this bestseller, which first time was published by Tatra National Park in 2010. The book by Tomasz Skrzydłowski constitutes a large compendium of information about nature, but not only. It contains a great amount of information about the history of cognition of the Tatra Mountains nature, the history of its preservation, and about people who dedicated their lives to these mountains. Tomasz Skrzydłowski – an employee of the Education Department of Tatra National Park, a Tatra guide who has a PhD in forestry, a graduate of the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Agriculture in Poznań and at the University of Agriculture in Kraków, and a traveler.


Descriptions of the film screenings (non-competition section)

14 films will be screened in non-competition section. The films are screened in original with English subtitles.


Description of the films in competition

21 films from 10 countries - screenings at the Cinema Giewont and in the big tent at Górna Rówień Krupowa according to the program listed on our website. Film are screened in original with Polish subtitles.


12th edition of Zako Boulder Power bouldering competition

September 2nd-3rd; The 12th Zako Boulder Power competition is going to kick-off on the 2nd of September. The competition takes place on September 2nd and 3rd from 10:00 a.m. Preliminaries, semifinals, and finals in bouldering will be held in senior and junior categories. Musical setting will be provided by DJ De la Rocka. Become a fan of Zako Boulder Power!


Meeting with the participants of the K2 expedition

Following the summer expedtion to K2 we will meet with the participants - they will talk about the last attempt and the plans to conquer K2 in winter 2017/2018. You can contribute the expedition:

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